Rabu, 05 Mei 2010

First love never dies

Just recently, I stood in front of an old building on Jl. Veteran II no. 10, in my home town in Sukabumi.

For a long moment, I had a far away look in my eyes as I thought back to happier days, when the first time in my 15 of age, I fell in love with you.

I came closer to the gate of my junior secondary school, SMP Mardiyuana, stepped forward just right to the place when the first time you held my thin hands in yours. I took a deep breath for my body was trembling, shaking right down to my knees, and tears suddenly forming in my eyes... it was just like yesterday when I enjoyed each moment I had with you.
Darling, wished you were here, how much I want to let you know how those moments meant to me.

I know there can be no turning back, but there is no measure of time for love.. it stays still in my heart.... so silent, unwritten, unbreakeable by distance and unchangeable by time... for my first love... never dies.

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  1. Ayo dong bu posting lagi ....

  2. @Mpey: someone said that love which is born from the first sight is called pure love, meanwhile, when feelings of love that is born from the intimacy of friendship is called true love.
    Yet, it is difficult to distinguish which one will be more enduring, sacred love or true love?? when my first love was born from both sides, the first sight and from intimacy of friendship.